Artistic Energy:  The Bronx
A film by Matt Heckerling & Paul Lingas produced by Yes The Bronx
(This is a 2-minute trailer for the Bronx Artist Documentary Project film)

Home Beyond Vanishing Points
 by Orlando Ferrand
An essay written by Orlando describing his passion for the Bronx and collaboration with the Bronx Artist Documentary Project.


The Call for Nevermore 
by Ira Merritt
This poem was written by Ira after the BxADP participants slideshow gathering at the Bronx Documentary Center on July 28, 2014.
View behind the scenes photography of the Bronx Artist Documentary Project in progress including planning sessions, studio visits and more!

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In May 2014, Charlie Vasquez, director of the Bronx Writers Center, put out an invitation to Bronx writers to interview BxADP participants about their creative lives as artists in the Bronx.  Twelve writers responded, interviewing a total of fifteen artists and photographers.  All interviews edited by Orlando Ferrand and Barbara Burn.